I think spring is finally here...the sun is shining, the snow is officially gone, the birds are singing, the grass is getting green, and, well, it is just nice out!!!  Spring also means fishing for my son, Russell....he was quite the fisherman of walleye this year. He had a "spot" that he would catch one nearly every day. We enjoyed his catches too...nothing better than fresh fish! I am looking forward to getting the kayaks out, too...

I won tickets to an amazing concert...Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson and CaleA brief update on the fundraisers...
1. First, a HUGE thank you to my friend, Denise, for being so generous in having an Origami Owl party and donating 50% of her profit to the adoption fund. This means so much and is appreciated more than words can describe. I hope everyone that ordered loves their living locket!!
2. There are still jigsaw puzzles pieces available...a total of 50 people of donated to bring a little girl home...thank you to each of you for being so generous. You will forever be remembered for your thoughfulness each time we look at the puzzle. You can still be a part of the jigsaw puzzle fundraiser...the closing date is June 7 (yep, my birthday!). I want to raise a total of $4000 by my birthday...we have just 34 days left until JUNE 7!!!  This is how it breaks down...we currently have $3265, which means we need $735 to reach our goal. It might seem like a lot of money, but when you think about it, it is just $22 a day that needs to be donated. Each piece is just $5. Do you want to be a piece in bringing a little girl home?
3. Rummage sale....we have had some donations...thanks to those that have donated goods. We are busy pricing and organzing as items come in. So, if you have been doing some spring cleaning and want to donate items, let us know!!  You can get rid of your items and they go towards a good cause! WIN-WIN!


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