It is amazing how quickly May is flying by...where is the time going?!  We just celebrated Mother's family had a nice weekend away together. It was nice to have some time, basketball, movies, swimming, tennis, and relaxation. Memories created mean more to me than any gift...being a mom to incredible kids...I am so very blessed. Summer is just around the is done June 11...then what?! Camp, kayaking, camping, campfires, smores, walks, hiking...I love summer.

My birthday is coming up June 7...just 20 days away. Why is this significant? I was hoping to have raised a total of $4000 with our fundraisers. We have raised $ we are just $515 short of our goal. If we receive $26 each day for the next 20 days, our goal will be met!!  Thank you to each one of you that has chosen to be a piece in bringing a little home. Thank you, Denise, for donating half of your Origami Owl profits to the adoption. Thank you to those that have donated items towards our rummage sale. We are still accepting items!!

I have found that my patience has been tested in the last few months...not with just the adoption, but with other areas of my life as well. I am trying to remain faithful and believe that all things happen when they should, but it can be so hard sometimes. I will convince myself that my plan needs to happen...when all along, it is not my plan at all, but God's. God has this whole path figured out...He already knows how things are going to work out...He already knows when our daughter will come home...He knows what is going to happen in all areas of my life where I am so desperately seeking answers...He knows. I need to trust in His plan. Trust. And BE STILL.


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    My name is Jill and I am a Christian with a love for life, my husband, my children, and my Lord! We are on this journey together to bring another child into our home through adoption!