Even though we are in the beginning of this whole adoption process...I have been humbled by the people that are excited about our journey and willing to donate. Our current fundraiser is the jigsaw puzzle piece...I got this idea after doing a lot of research on the best fundraisers for adoption. This is by far my favorite idea...especially writing the names, words, or Bible verses people have chosen for their particular piece. It will be simply amazing to look at when all the pieces are spoken for...all these people sharing in the journey to bring a little girl home. The one word that keeps coming to mind when I look at all the pieces already written on thus far is LOVE. There is so much LOVE going into this...and not just our family, but by every person that has chosen to be a part of this journey.  When each piece has a word written on it, we will have it framed with clear glass on each side...it will be a constant reminder to each of us how an entire group of people came together to make this happen. 
    This process is very humbling to me. I am not one that likes to ask for help. I am very much one that wants to be able to do it on my own. But I knew with this it wasn't going to be possible. I can work extra hours, have rummage sales, be more aware of my spending, go without...but I would still have to ask for help. Prayer has been a huge help for me in this area...as I know He will provide. Each time a donation comes in, my heart smiles and a tear comes to my eye. It doesn't matter the amount...it is the thought, the selflessness, the LOVE behind every dollar. How do I thank one enough? There are not words. 
    So, even though it isn't adequate...THANK YOU.


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    My name is Jill and I am a Christian with a love for life, my husband, my children, and my Lord! We are on this journey together to bring another child into our home through adoption!