One of my favorites of my two...sweetness....
Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year...I love the Christmas carols, the lights, the manger scenes all about town, families gathering together, the celebration of Christ's birth....but I was blessed to also have had my children close to Christmas...Russell was born December 21 and Katrina January 18. God certainly blessed me with two incredible children.

Russell is my first born...named after his grandpas...he would make them proud. He has had many nicknames through the years...perhaps my favorite was "MACK", after the MACK TRUCK...because, yes, the lean, tall boy use to be short and round...couldn't even button his shirt collar. Russell has always been my child with neverending energy...from the time he was small he didn't require much sleep and he was always on the go...he is still that way. I would love to have half his energy. He has always been a happy child, too...and even now, as a young man, he generally has a smile on his face. Russell has the ability to make me smile,,,even when I am in the poorest of moods. He has an excitement for hunting and adventure...he will hike for miles, always waiting to see what is around the next corner. He also has the talent of being able to strike up a conversation with anyone...yes, I do consider that a talent...one he certainly didn't get from me. He isn't afraid to try anything, either...never dreamed he would try things like sushi, alligator, or frog legs! Russell has big dreams for his future...and I am sure he will reach whatever he puts his mind to. He is a great young man...I am very proud to have him as my son.

Katrina is my youngest...my "baby". She was definitely a surprise, born just over 12 months after her brother. Katrina favored my dad as a baby...he could just be in the room and she would stop crying. Perhaps it was his calm personality that did it. Her nickname has forever been "Bird"....no particular reason except that she had this little sleeper she wore as a baby that, yep, you guessed it, was yellow and had a bird on it. I try not to call her that in public anymore, but sometimes it just slips! Katrina is a quiet, gentle soul...wiser beyond her years and has a heart for each person and critter she comes in contact with. You can always find her loving on her pets...they are treated with lots of love and compassion. She has an artistic flare, too...likes making things for other people, whether it is her "pop tab bracelets", cards, or any other creative idea she can come up with! She is smart, enjoys school, and loves music too. Katrina will certainly achieve her goals...no matter how big they are! I am proud to call Katrina my daughter...she is growing into a beau

I love spending time with Russell and Katrina...by themselves and together...we always find something to do that we enjoy. We discovered a new activity this summer that we all enjoy...kayaking. We would go for hours...and even took the dogs a few times! We also love to cruise together...we have incredible memories of our cruises together! They really are my pride and joy...loving each age they become just as much as the last. So....those are my kids...both born around Christmas...gifts to me.



12/02/2012 4:01am

good to get to know you all better! happy holidays in wisconsin. kay


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