A few updates on fundraisers we have going right now...

1. Origami Owl...beautiful living lockets...and new items coming out April 22! This would be a great gift for a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, wife, girlfriend!!  They can be personalized to fit each person's interests or personality. My friend, Denise, will donate 50% of her profit towards our adoption! How cool is that?! So, help my friend, Denise, get her business off to a good start by going to her website,
www.deniseshaffer.origamiowl.com and help a little girl come home at the same time! :) And, if you order, you will get a puzzle piece too! So, help a friend get her business going by placing an order... get a beautiful piece of jewlery....get your name on a jigsaw puzzle piece...and help Alison come home!!  Party closes on May 5!

2. Jigsaw Puzzle Fundraiser...the back of the puzzle looks amazing with all those that have claimed a piece...we have names, words of encouragement and Bible verses on many of the pieces. There are plenty of pieces to be claimed yet...just $5 a piece or order from Origami Owl and you automatically get a piece! I can't wait to get the puzzle framed...we will have it framed with double glass so we can always see how many people were a piece of bringing our daughter home. This fundraiser will end June 7. 

How much can we raise in the next 48 days?!
We currently have $3240...and I would love to see a total of $4000 by June 7. What is the significance of this date? It is my birthday!!! The only thing I want for my birthday is to raise $760!!! In order to do this, we would need to have approximately $16 donated every day. Each puzzle piece is $5...so, if $760 is donated, that is another 152 puzzle pieces claimed...do you want to be a piece in bringing a little girl home?! Please donate today!!

3. We will be having a rummage/craft sale this summer (haven't officially selected a date yet, but looking at the end of July). We have received some donations already -- thank you so much! We are pricing and organizing as the goods come in. 

"If we say we love God but do nothing on the behalf of the world's vulnerable children, we're kidding ourselves; we're ignorant and misinformed. You cannot love God without developing a  passion for orphans." -Kay Warren


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