14 years ago today....December 21, 1998, I was blessed with the most incredible Christmas present ever, my oldest child, my only son, was born. What can I say about Russell? 

    *He is one that has never needed much sleep, but yet he is a bundle of energy! 
    *Russell's doctor was concerned with him at around 2 years old that he wasn't speaking much. He was sent to a speech therapist and, well, he went from not speaking to full sentences, to talking non-stop! 
    *He loves the outdoors...whether it is hiking, kayaking, hunting, etc...
    *His mind is always working...he loves to create and build...will be interesting to see what is in his future!
    *Russell loves to travel and learn about new places.
*He enjoys spending time with his grandparents!
*He plays the alto saxophone and is now in JAZZ band!

    *It doesn't seem possible he is 14, an 8th grader, 5'11"...a young man!

I love you Russell! Have an incredible day!
Happy 14th birthday Russell!



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