Thanksgiving week is upon us soon....I'm so excited that my family will be coming to my house for the holiday. Time with my family=a happy girl. My mom, dad, sister, nephews and niece will all be here...oh the fun! Even though their visit will be short, the memories will last forever! We hope each of you has a great Thanksgiving!



12/04/2012 10:06pm

jill, etc. i tried to adopt about eight years ago...but...i didn't have health insurance, or a big enough extra bedroom and i worked fulltime and catholic charities (where i worked) required those three things...i thought it strange that i had to have health insurance even when i told them i'd get it for the child, that the bedroom had to be bigger than my own and that as a single parent, i'd have to work full time and not be nearly as available as a what have you to say about this? also, i am OLD which didn't both me but did them. how would your requirements be different? if so?


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