I have great faith that the challenge will be met...so much that I have started my half marathon training. It isn't easy training in the bitter cold...last night I ran in the dark in about 17 degree temps. BRRRRR. I would typically train inside, on a treadmill, but I decided that if our friends and family will help us reach this goal, I am going to be tough and train outside...pounding the pavement...having a faith so strong that will not only get me through this training, but also faith that our goal will be met.
Update for week 1 of the challenge....another $600 donated, bringing the total to $1680!!! THANK YOU to all those that have claimed a puzzle piece...only 832 pieces left, or $8320 to raise before Feb 1...if all the funds are raised, then Katrina and I run a half marathon!!! Be a "piece" of bringing home a little girl!


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    My name is Jill and I am a Christian with a love for life, my husband, my children, and my Lord! We are on this journey together to bring another child into our home through adoption!