is here...and anyone that knows me well enough knows how much I dislike the cold. I am not sure why I do...I grew up in South Dakota, had a blast being pulled behind the tractor on the car hood in the snow (yes, we really did that...went through lots of snow pants!), snow ski, build snowmen and would play outside for hours on end. Maybe it is my age. I am always cold. It seems like I just can't get warmed up after the cold season hits...I would wear fleece pajama pants, fleece sweatshirt, and fleece socks all the time if I could...and then add 3 blankets on top. COZY. Yeah, I know, attractive.

The snow is pretty. It is nice to sit inside with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and watch it come down. But that is it. Or when it is sitting ever so carefully on the branches. Beautiful. But the minute I have to go out in the cold...that's it.

I always talk about moving, waaaay south...warm weather year round. Wow. I can't imagine what that is like. I do have to say, however, that I would miss the seasons, especially autumn. The trees are stunning and the air is crisp and fresh. It would be nice to have fewer more rotation of the bins of winter and summer more boots. It is okay to dream, right? For now, for this winter season, I will continue to dislike the cold...but, at the same time, be grateful I am here, alive and breathing, to enjoy yet another it cold and snowy...I will still wear a smile on my face and go about my day. After all, I am so blessed!

Adoption puzzle fundraiser update: I appreciate all those that have donated...the tally from "chip in" isn't completely accurate, as I have had several people give cash and send checks. The puzzle is coming along nicely...will be neat when all the pieces are sold and an incredible momento. I will give a total of donations at the end of each month, starting at the end of December. I have other fundraisers in the works, also...

Until next time...have a great time preparing for Christmas...but don't forget


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