I have had pets my whole life…they are an important part of who I am, have helped me through tough times of my life, and have always been there to love me. Unconditionally. I knew when I had kids that I wanted them to experience the love of a pet. But, with the unconditional love of a pet also comes the pain when it is time to let them go. Last June, at age 8 years, we lost our boxer, Autumn, suddenly and unexpectedly. Heartbreak. And, now, our dear 9 year old boxer boy, Clyde, is nearing the end of his earthly life. Tears. Lots of tears, have been shed. It is has been difficult to watch him deteriorate, and even more difficult to watch my kids hearts’ be broken. In the pain, we will also remember how BIG his personality has been. If you knew Clyde, he had a scary appearance to him…brindle in color and solid muscle. People would often move to the other side of the street when we were out for walks. But there was not a mean bone in this dog’s body. He was scared of the water bowl, the broom, and even let the cat lay on top of him. He would be jumping up and down at the back door when you came home, always had a wiggle, and kisses for anyone that accepted. He loved to have his family in one room, had a “spot” on the couch he claimed, and if you chose to sit there, he would sit on your lap (all 70 lbs of him!).  It is now time for him to join Autumn, chase squirrels, and be pain free. Love ya boy...we'll never forget you. It isn't good bye, my love, it is see you later. Make sure you are waiting for me when I get there.



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